The currency or forex market is by far the largest and most active of the financial markets.  At FXT24 we are committed to give you access to quality forex training. Whether you are new to forex, or looking to broaden your existing knowledge, we have a wide range of training tools to help you . Choose from a variety of online courses , watch and learn with our videos on demand or just learn the basics of forex trading. It’s all up to yo

Learn to trade forex

For those of you just starting out, forex trading can seem a little daunting but at FXT24 we are here to help you get started.  Our learn to trade forex section covers all the basics including ‘what is forex’ and ‘how to trade’. From here, you can move onto our beginners online forex courses. You can learn to trade at your own pace, choosing from a wide range of online courses, video tutorials and more. But before we get ahead of ourselves let’s make sure you’re comfortable with the basics covered in our learn to trade forex section.


Benefits of Forex

  •      Choose your trade’s duration; Hourly, daily and weekly expirations
  •      Protect a stop order while eliminating the risk of being stopped out
  •      Learn to profit in both volatile and flat markets
  •      Hedge risk and leverage positions on underlying currency pairs
  •      Use Bull Spreads to hedge against existing forex positions

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