Trading with CFDs

Learn CFD trading

The exchange between the opening and closing price of a contract agreed upon between two parties is known as a Contract for Difference (CFD). They are derivatives products that provide you with the ability to trade on real-time price movements without actually owning the security.

CFDs are most commonly used to speculate on pending market conditions whether or not underlying markets are rising or falling. One distinct advantage to trading with CFDs is that traders may go short which allows you to profit from decreasing prices, or to place a stop loss order. This strategy prevents any unforeseen losses that might unfold during the life cycle of a trade.

FXT24 provides an ideal platform for clients looking to trade CFDs. Our wide range of underlying assets include currency pairs, commodities, indices, and stocks.

Malleable trading, low margins and cutting edge financial instruments enable our customers to trade with ease, respond effectively to price fluctuations and financial news as well. With CFDs you can enjoy returns at an exponentially higher rate than you would owning a security.

Minimize risk on existing trades by using CFD trading to hedge on short or long investments against plummeting prices while diversifying your portfolio. We often add new helpful tools to our CFD traders so be sure to stay updated.